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Use your genetic information to personalize your fitness planning and response. Understanding your genetics helps you profile genes that are associated with your physical fitness, sports performance and athletic ability. This will help you understand your body better and modify your training according to your genetic type to get better results.

What Is Included In Your Report?


Endurance refers to the body’s physical capacity to sustain exercises for a prolonged period of time. Endurance activities keep your heart, lungs, and circulatory system healthy and improve your overall fitness. A high-endurance individual can perform physical activities for a prolonged duration with relatively less discomfort and fatigue than a low-endurance individual.

Genes that influence the fuel usage for energy production, distribution of muscle fibers (slow twitch and fast twitch), and oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood vessels, all directly affect the level of endurance. Individuals with certain genetic types are better at endurance-based activities than others.

Aerobic Capacity

Aerobic capacity (AC), also known as the VO2 max, is the body’s maximum capacity to transport and utilize oxygen during exercises. Whatever your fitness goals may be, improving your AC can help you reach them faster. Around 4.8 calories are burnt for every liter of oxygen used. By improving the aerobic capacity, you essentially train your body to burn more calories for the same oxygen usage.

The maximum oxygen uptake is determined partially by your genetic makeup. People with certain genetic types may require additional aerobic training to achieve the optimal VO2 max than others.


Power is an important component of physical fitness. In power training, you apply the maximum amount of force as fast as possible. Certain muscle fibers contract quickly and powerfully and play an important role in power-based activities, like sprinting and weight lifting. These are known as fast-twitch muscle fibers.

People of certain genetic types have a lesser distribution of these fast muscle fibers than others. Endurance-based training may be more suitable for such individuals. A workout regime combining high-strength and high-speed exercises may lead to an increased ability to apply power.

Insulin Sensitivity

Insulin is a hormone made in the pancreas that plays an important role in controlling blood sugar levels. When the blood sugar levels are high, the pancreas secretes more insulin. Insulin sensitivity describes how responsive your cells are to insulin. Improving insulin sensitivity can lower your risk for conditions like type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Research indicates that physical activity has a beneficial effect on insulin sensitivity. The LIPC gene regulates the fat stored in the liver, which, in turn, influences insulin resistance. People with certain types of the LIPC gene experience greater improvements in insulin sensitivity than others.

Weight Loss or Gain with Exercise

The amount of physical activity or exercise required for weight management varies greatly between individuals. Exercising improves metabolism, which is vital for both weight loss and weight management. How your body responds to exercise is mediated by several genes like FTO, ADRB2, and INSIG2.

These genes influence factors like fat metabolism, energy expenditure, hormonal changes, metabolic rate, and even stress levels, all of which can contribute to weight fluctuations. Exercising, gradually spins the effects of these genes in our favor. People with certain genetic types experience a better response to exercises than others.

Traits covered in this report

Aerobic capacity, Endurance, Exercise motivation, Exercise recovery, Flexibility, Hand grip strength, Heart capacity, Ligament strength, Likelihood of fatigue, Likelihood of injury, Lung Capacity, Power, Tendon strength, HDL cholesterol levels with exercise, Insulin sensitivity with exercise, Weight loss or weight gain with exercise.

How can you benefit from a gene fitness report?

Lower Training Injury Risk

Injury risk information is not designed to scare you, but to give you the power to reduce your injury risk. If you’ve got an increased injury risk, it might seem like bad news, but really it isn’t; all you need to do is include injury prevention sessions in your training plan.

Power Vs Endurance

Everyone’s fitness benefits from both power and endurance training. However, some people are genetically predisposed to respond better to one than the other. Understanding your power/endurance response allows you to leverage your genetic makeup for more personalized training.

Taking Time for Recovery

When exercising some people are lucky enough to recover very quickly - ready to exert themselves again after very little rest, whereas others don’t seem to bounce back quite as fast. Research has shown that certain genetic variations infer a delayed recovery from hard exercise training, those with these markers should take extra care with their training plan and nutrition strategy.

Aerobic training response–VO2Max

Your body needs oxygen when exercising. VO2Max is a test used by scientists to measure the maximum or optimum rate at which your body can effectively use oxygen during exercise. It is commonly used as a way of measuring aerobic ability and it is an extremely popular measure of progress amongst endurance athletes.

Other reports you will receive

Gene Allergy

Explore your allergy sensitivities and get insights on common allergies.

Gene Health

Achieve your weight loss goals and help your body age gracefully.

Gene Nutrition

Explore your diet effectiveness, metabolism, and deficiencies.

Gene Skin

Explore your skin profile, sun sensitivities, and aging impact.

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What are the MENADNA genetic test and reports? What is the major benefit?

The MENADNA genetic tests and reports have been designed from data curated from genomic analysis of the Middle-East and North African population. The test offering provides an individual with a glimpse into their genetic composition and an insight into their future health based on their unique genetic make-up. The genetic test offers you information on the following: your health, your allergies, your skin, your nutrition, and your fitness.

How does the MENADNA test work?

You need to get an MENADNA kit, which you can order on this site. The kit contains 2 sample collection tubes: a saliva sample and a swab sample. Once you register this kit you will receive an email and be contacted by our representative for sample pick up. DNA will be extracted from your samples and processed via different techniques. Once your data is analysed and processed the same will be available online in the form of a report. You can login to your MENADNA account and view this report and download the same as well.

What does the MENADNA test cover?

We currently offer 4 different reports: Gene Nutrition, Gene Fitness, Gene Health and Gene Skin.

How easy is it for me to understand my results?

The reports are usually detailed and self-explanatory. Your individual report will include the results of your DNA analysis under each report tab with recommendations on how to use the information provided.

Can I order more than one test?

Yes, you can order as many tests as you want. Each account can register multiple test kits and view the individual resulting reports. However, we would recommend creating separate accounts when individuals would prefer to view their results privately. You can order the kits on behalf of family and friendly and they can create a separate MENADNA account post-purchase and register them against their own accounts for easy and private access.

How do I track my sample?

You will get alerts at various stages indicating the status of your sample kit right from the time it reaches the processing lab to when your results are out. We will use your email for these alerts.

What is the turnaround time for MENADNA reports?

You will get your reports within 4-6 weeks from the time your sample is received at the processing lab. You will receive an email alert once the report is available online. You can use your login credentials to access the report. Sometimes unplanned delays could be expected.

How do I take my own saliva and swab samples?

Do not eat, drink, smoke or chew gum for 30 minutes before giving your saliva and swab samples. Instructions on how to collect the samples properly will be included with your kit in both English and Arabic. Most people take 5 to 10 minutes to complete the samples collection

How do I register my test kit/s?

Once you create your account, you will be directed to your account page which will include a kits registration feature. For each kit you want to register you will use the barcode on the side flap on the kit box. Please ensure you note which kit number belongs to each individual you are testing to ensure you know which report belongs to each individual being tested.

What is the minimum age requirement for the MENADNA test?

There is no minimum age requirement. However, these reports are intended for adult (+18) usage to understand and benefit from the recommendations.

Understand Your Genetics With MENADNA

MENADNA is a personalized health report service, which enables users to obtain detailed information and reports based on their genome. MENADNA does not treat, diagnose or cure any conditions, but is for informational and educational purposes alone. We work to empower our users with information to make better decisions to improve different aspects of their lives.

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